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“Ahir Sir = Maths & Maths = Ahir Sir”

If you are an engineer having trouble with maths, I am sure you must have heard about the famous "Ahir Sir (Expert Mathematician)".

Ahir Sir Engineering Maths Academy is the only institute which provides top maths coaching for Engineering Maths. Students acquire conceptual and practical knowledge of all the subjects.

About Ahir Sir

Let’s go back 20 years!

Ahir Sir is an EC Engineer. He hasn’t done any major in Mathematics. His passion for math is what brought him so much ahead in life right now.

He started the Ahir Sir Sir Engineering Maths Academy with a vision to help every Engineering student clear maths easily. Till now, more than 15,000 Engineering students have learned the best strategies from him to clear maths in every year of Engineering.


Ahir Sir is extremely famous because of his special methods and tricks. He makes every difficult concept or problem look pretty easy with the help of interesting tricks. These shortcuts are applicable to every problem, and when the students learn about them, they find it easy to even understand the entire concept.


Ahir Sir started off in the teaching field in June 2003. So, he will complete 20 whole years in June 2023, and he is still the same curious personality that never fails to come up with new methodologies every year.


He started teaching Maths to Engineering students. Later on, he also found it interesting to come up with tricks for students in SSC and HSC. He even pivoted and explored a lot in the Machine Learning domain, as there's a good amount of Math involved there too. 

Right now, he takes up Expert lectures in different colleges and also manages Ahir Sir Engineering Maths Academy to help young students tackle Math with tricks.

Ahir Sir’s Achievements

If we start naming the achievements, then the list will be a never-ending one because Ahir Sir has achieved a lot in his career as a Mathematics Expert Faculty. Here, we would like to name a few of his most significant achievements:


-> 10,000+ 5-star ratings on different platforms

-> Taught Engineering Maths to 15,000+ students

-> 20 years of top-notch experience with trick Maths

-> Presented with the title of “Best Faculty” for 14 times

-> Recognized as the Best Engineering  Maths Faculty by Google in entire Gujarat

Even after achieving so much in life, he never really cares about those titles or awards.

What matters the most to him is to see his students getting good results and achieving worthy things in life!


He constantly works towards updating the old methods and developing new, simplified tricks to make it easy for every student to understand those complex concepts. If you learn Math from him, you’ll see the real fun and consider it the best learning too. His patience level in teaching every single student until he/she understands the concept perfectly is what sets him apart from other faculties.


He is not only a Math Expert, but he is also a Teaching Expert because of his methodologies and way of teaching.

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