Darji Dev - Young Entrepreneur | who is Darji Dev


Darji Dev is a 20-year-old young entrepreneur who is the founder of a Digital Marketing Agency 'AceCode' Website Development Company and a student Of computer engineering. He was born in Ahmedabad & brought up in siddhpur a small town in Gujarat. 

Dev chose to find his way and formed an agency that represented his ideas.

Highly motivated he came up with his work at such a young age, and it is no doubt that he is enhancing his work remarkably well.

He started his similar journey originally as a Digital Marketer and Web Developer at the age of 17 only by taking some freelance projects and Local businesses.

Also, he tries to learn new things with his experience and he learned new things from everyone; small children as well as old people.

He tries to record things in a particular way which is his unique observation.

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